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Optical Microscope for Orientation Imaging

In air. Texture and orientation maps.

Validation against EBSD.


Effective. At lightning speed 200,000 pixels per second, we cover from 1mm 2 up to 6in2.

Rapid Qualification

High Resolution

Capturing less than half a micron resolution, for additively manufactured Titanium.

half micron features

Automated Texture Analysis

User Friendly. Shop Floor Ready.

C-Map & Pole Figures

TiPolar vs. EBSD Validation

TiPolar captures microstructure directly comparable to EBSD. A side-by-side comparison shows C-map output indicating the same features as EBSD, but with higher clarity.

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TiPolar S is changing how you capture microstructure

About MRL

TiPolar is owned by Materials Resources, LLC. This technology was developed through funding from a series of partnerships with the Department of Defense. The genesis of the project came from the DOD needing a fast and affordable way to determine material properties for aerospace applications. TiPolar is just one of the many solutions to come from MRLs research & development.

Materials Resources, LLC is a research and development company that specialises in creative solutions to the materials science and additive manufacturing problems plaguing our United States Military. With departments in Additive Manufacturing, High Throughput Materials Testing, Microstructure Analysis and Manufacturing Softwares, MRL is well equipped to create innovative technologies for futuristic problems. MRL is expanding and solidifying its foundation. If you are interested in learning more about MRL or looking for a spot on the team, visit Our Website.